Property Development Potential Report

Our Property Development Potential Report provides property owners or prospective developers unique insights into the possibility and potential of land subdivision and redevelopment timelines.

Drawing on Local Government Development Plan parameters, we test a range of subdivision options to explore what scenarios will help owners and developers achieve the best possible use and profit from their land.


  • Property Details
  • Estimated Property Value
  • Estimated Land Value
  • Land Value per m²
  • Redevelopment Feasibility Timeline
  • Planning & Design Code Zoning Summary
  • Planning & Design Code Development Criteria
  • Redevelopment Options
  • Subdivision Gross Profit Index
  • Maximum Subdivided Value
  • Maximum Lots Calculated
  • Lot Area m²
  • Estimated Land Value per m²
  • % Land Value Uplift
  • Esimated Land Value per lot
  • Land Subdivision Analysis
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