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Valeri is a unique market research platform that provides you with comprehensive property data and values that are more accurate, more often. It arms you with more knowledge and control of your asset without having to rely on third party opinions.

Whether you want to subdivide, buy or sell, Valeri can assist you.

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Home Owners

Identify whether your property can be subdivided to sell at a price premium, maximising your investment or future nest egg.

Home Sellers

Get advice on what your property is really worth or whether it can be subdivided, to seek a premium on the sale price and to extend your range of potential buyers.

Home Buyers

Capitalise on your property in the short or long term or as an investment with a potential to increase rental returns.

Recommended for you

Our reports provide you with affordable and independent advice of the value of your home as well as the potential upside in value if it can be redeveloped. This places you in a stronger position to negotiate a sale price or development outcome.

Property & Land Value Report
Property & Land Value Report

Applying state of the art machine learning models our report provides more accurate property and land value error metrics reflecting true out of sample testing to banking standards.

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Property Development Potential Report
Property Development Potential Report

Provides unique insights into the potential of land subdivision including land value uplift, Return on Investment, and redevelopment timelines.

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Vendor Listing & Market Profile Report

An affordable starting point when seeking a more accurate purchase cost of a property, important zoning and the number of lots that can be created in accordance with planning rules. Short- and long-term property price trends provide an accurate risk assessment of financing a project.

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Valeri provides a rich snapshot of a property, its neighbourhood and possible development scenarios. Using sophisticated short and long-term projections based on rolling medians, Valeri is constantly analysing and identifying values and opportunities.