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Valeri is a powerful market research and property development potential platform that provides banking, investment and finance professionals with highly accurate property and land value insights, sales history, comparable sales, forecast analytics and neighbourhood trends.

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Reduce Costs

Reliable tools to reduce valuation overheads and operating costs across the lending portfolio

Gain Customers

Tailored solutions to help you gain new and retain existing customers

Reduce Risks

Powerful technology to help you manage risk in large-scale decision-making processes

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Our products can reduce operating costs across the lending portfolio and improve customer experience through shorter loan approval times. Increased accuracy to improve customer experience and reduce valuation overheads and improved asset due diligence and lending risk management.

Property & Land Value Report
Property & Land Value Report

State of the art machine learning AVMs provides accurate property and land values (over or under capitalised properties) and analytics reflecting true ‘out of sample’ testing to high banking standards.

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Property Development Potential Report
Property Development Potential Report

Provides unique insights into development potential including accurate property and land values, Return on Investment Index (ROI) and redevelopment timelines. Ideal for financing institutions looking to reduce risk on development loans.

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Vendor Listing & Market Profile Report
Vendor Listing & Market Profile Report

An affordable starting point when seeking a more accurate purchase cost of a property, important zoning and the number of lots that can be created in accordance with planning rules. Short- and long-term property price trends provide an accurate risk assessment of financing a project.

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High standard validation methods

We apply three proprietary machine learning, Automated Valuation Models (AVM’s) and a unique land economics engine to produce a more accurate property and land value that is validated every week via ‘out of sample’ testing methods.

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